Prince Harry Speaks At The Wellchild Awards In London [PHOTOS]

Prince Harry, long a patron of charities close to both his and his late mother’s heart, attended the Wellchild Awards at London’s Inter-Continental Hotel tonight.  There, he honored kids like Molly Moore with Britain’s “most caring children” award.  Molly’s older sister, Daisy, suffered a stroke and brain hemorrhage two years ago, and Molly helps out with caring for her big sister including  singing songs and keeping her spirits up.

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Harry held Daisy’s hand while he spoke to Molly and her mother, according to the Daily Mail.  Towards the end of the ceremony, Harry told the audience,

“I feel in awe of individuals with such determination, resolve and strength to take on the challenges they face from such a young age.  It is equally heart-warming to meet those who dedicate themselves to caring for these remarkable children and young people, and hear all that they do to make their lives the very best they can be. Your example is an inspiration to everybody.”

Today also marks the 14th anniversary of Diana, Princess of Wales’s death.  We’ll never know how Harry was feeling tonight, but he seemed in great spirits while meeting with disabled children and their families.

You’re ok by us, Prince Harry.  Nice tan, btw *wink*