Prince Harry Shows Off Some Skin While Playing Rugby With School Children

Prince Harry Naked
Prince Harry sans clothing in Las Vegas.
Prince Harry. Abs. Rugby with little kids. What more could you want on a Friday morning?

The hottest member of the royal family (Prince George could get there, but it’ll take him some time) made a royal appearance in Ipswich County yesterday (May 29) for the Inspire Suffolk event. Harry made a speech, looked hot in a suit, then changed into his sports attire for some rugby with the school children.

All of that and we got to see him kinda, sorta, a little bit shirtless. 

I mean, we rarely see him shirtless. We’ve even seen him twerk more recently than we’ve seen him shirtless. This is like that time Kate Middleton was playing volleyball and she showed off her tummy. Except Harry didn’t have a baby 3 months prior.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Harry and the kiddies. It will 100% brighten up your Friday. Because that’s what we’re here to do.