Prince Harry Pays Tribute To Boston Bombing Victims At London Marathon [PHOTOS]

Prince Harry's Visit
The prince visited RAF Honington.
Prince Harry attended the first major marathon since the tragic bombings at this year’s Boston Marathon early last week.

A seemingly relaxed Prince Harry presented awards to the wheelchair racers and mingled with spectators at today’s Virgin London Marathon.

“It’s fantastic, typically British,” he told the BBC. “People are saying they haven’t seen crowds like this for eight years around the route. It’s remarkable to see.”

He said it was “never an option” for him to cancel his appearance following the Boston bombings. He went on, “certainly everyone that was planning on coming is still here, no one’s changed any plans – the volunteers, the security, everyone is here, nothing’s changed. It was always going to be really well run and it always is, typically the British way the London marathon has been running for years.” 

He told the BBC: “The way that Boston has dealt with it has been absolutely remarkable. It’s never going to get anyone down here, the great thing about the marathon is no matter what color you are, or religion, no matter what nationality you are, everyone comes together to run a certain distance to raise money for amazing causes.”

On a lighter note Harry joked as to why his brother Prince William and wife Kate weren’t running. “He’s old and she’s pregnant. “What’s fantastic is that my brother and his wife will be doing it next year, I think. He’s going to have to now, isn’t he?”

Harry is always to quick witted. Lets hope they come through on this one.