Prince Harry Parties With Melissa Percy At The Brompton Club [PHOTOS]

George & Pippa
Are they an item?
Following a foreign tour as successful as his brother’s, Prince Harry deserved a night out in London.  Cpt. Wales was seen leaving The Brompton Club in Kensington this morning (March 26th) around 1 am, wearing a blue oxford and doing his best to not appear dazed by the flashing bulbs.

The prince was seen chatting with a lady in the club’s stairwell, perhaps keeping her company while she puffed away on a ciggie.  The gal, who appeared to be chocolate wasted, didn’t seem to mind that her white dress was getting sullied by the grimy stairs.

The Daily Beast’s Tom Sykes mentioned that Melissa Percy, sister of George Percy, was also out with Harry, and was seen running to her cab, suede boots in hand.  I’m comparing the photo of Harry and the mystery gal in the stairwell, and I think it might be Percy, who is friends with Chelsy Davy and daughter of the Duke of Northumerbland.   

George and Pippa Middleton are reportedly an item right now, having known one another since their days at Edinburgh.