Prince Harry Looks Beat As He Exits Le Baron Nightclub, Misses Ex-Girlfriend [PHOTOS]

A Smiling Prince Harry
Prince Harry has fun with the kids at Wellchild awards.
Well, it seems that somebody had a good time! Prince Harry looked pretty beat down as he left Le Baron Nightclub in the super wee hours of the morning. Seems like he even needed some help standing up. So thank you, man in gray shirt, for helping our dear Prince Harry get to his car. I hope he didn’t drive!

Although Prince Harry was spotted with Melissa Percy not too long ago, according to reports he’s still pretty hung up on ex, Chelsy Davey. The two were even spotted enjoying a nice chat at Princess Eugenie’s birthday party Friday night. Well Harry, I’m hoping you find a lovely lady. But good luck finding one as magical as Duchess Kate. 

Check out all the photos of drunk Harry in the gallery. Drunk famous people are the best kind of famous people. OK, that and shirtless famous people.