Prince Harry Is Still Waiting On Fashion Tips From Duchess Kate [VIDEO]

Harry & Usain
The Prince raced the world's fastest man.
Handsome Harry
Damn it, that's a fine linen suit.
It just got a bit tougher to decide which Wales brother you prefer, because William’s younger brother is friggin’ adorable.  Prince Harry sat down for an interview with CBS NewsSeath Doane at the end of his hugely successful Diamond Jubilee tour, something rarely done by a member of the royal family.  

Harry, who traveled to Belize, the Bahamas, Jamaica and Brazil, said that the entire trip was “a gas,” and left bajillions of people smitten.  My goodness, did Harry charm the pants off of everyone he met, from opponents on the polo field to Miss Bahamas herself (who declared that she’d marry the prince.  Get in line).

Harry denied taking fashion tips from his sister-in-law, Catherine, insisting that the blue Russell & Bromley shoes he sported in Jamaica were his idea.  “No she hasn’t given me tips quite yet,” Harry told Doane. “But the boots, the boots, the blue boots – Jamaica is Jamaica and it was the best time to bring them out I was fighting the urge to bring them out sooner but knowing I was going to meet Rita Marley I had to wear them.”

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