Prince Harry Is Finally Deployed To Afghanistan [PHOTOS]

Prince Harry (known as Captain Wales in the British army), arrived at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan today, as confirmed by both Clarence House and the Ministry Of Defence (the latter of which tweeted a photo of him being brief in front of a helicopter).

According to the MOD’s statement – released this morning – Harry will be working as part of the Joint Aviation Group, providing helicopter support to the International Security Assistant Force and Afghan forces.  Harry, who is qualified as a co-pilot in February following Apache helicopter training, has been vocal about his eagerness to get back to the front lines.

Lieutenant Colonel Tom de la Rue, Deputy Commander of the JAG and Commanding Officer of 3 Regiment Army Air Corps in the UK said, “It is a demanding job for my soldiers and all of them including Captain Wales are now focusing on the job in hand. I have every confidence that the team will deliver what is asked of them.” 

St. James’s Palace told People Magazine that “Prince Harry, like any soldier, considers it a great honor to represent his country in Her Majesty’s armed forces wherever it chooses to deploy him.

The Queen and Prince of Wales were both fully briefed about his return to operations, and Charles is “immensely proud of his son.”