Prince Harry Is Called Out About His Nude Photos By A Little Kid [PHOTOS]

The Infamous Nudes
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27-year-old Prince Harry has been in the spotlight recently for his foxy nude photos from a Vegas trip a few weeks ago. The woman who leaked the photos is claiming she made out with Harry for twenty minutes, but family members are saying that it’s all untrue. Most people would be embarrassed to talk to the Prince about it, but not a 6-year-old little kid like Alex Logan. According to Us Weekly, The boy had told reporters earlier that he might comment on Prince Harry’s clothing, but was too shy to bring it up.

 “You keep looking up at your Mum. It looks like you’re dying to say something but you’re worried she’ll tell you off,” said Prince Harry.

Seen here, Britain’s Prince Harry, Patron of WellChild, attends the eighth WellChild Awards Ceremony at the InterContinental Hotel in Park Lane, London on September 3rd. Harry wore a blue tailored suit, light blue dress shirt, and a red tie. The precocious little boy wore a purple dress shirt and received the Most Inspirational Child Award. It looks like Harry makes up for his bachelor partying by being wonderful with children. Maybe after he sews enough wild oats he’ll be a great father someday.