Did Prince Harry Hook Up With a Kate Middleton Of His Own?

Oh, America. Prince Harry has arrived to charmingly, every so charmingly, impregnate you. And his tour of partying across San Diego has been going off as expected, including hitting the clubs and mingling with the local ladies, including a local Duchess Kate doppelganger. But what exactly went down with his American Kate remains a mystery.

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As you may recall, Harry is in San Diego as part of a helicopter training course for the British Army. But our Prince Harry isn’t passing up the opportunity to soak in the SoCal sun. Harry is being photographed all over town- and on multiple occasions, with a cocktail waitress named Jessica Donaldson. Rumors have been swirling that Jessica made her way to a local hotel to meet up with Harry, but there is only one problem with the stories: Jessica admits to paling around with the prince, but draws the line at any intimate contact.

Jessica, 26, spoke to the British publication MailOnline, to share her side of the story. She says that she met Prince Harry when he and around 20 friends visited the Ivy nightclub at the five-star Andaz hotel in San Diego on Friday, October 7, where Jessica works as a bottle girl in the VIP. “I waited on his table and he was charming and chatty but he was charming to all the girls. He paid for two of the bottles and his friend paid for a third. Harry started off drinking Stella but went on to vodka,” she recalled.

Jessica apparently caught Harry’s royal eye. She says he invited her and a friend to breakfast the next morning, Saturday October 8. Harry then reached out to her a second time, through a friend’s text, to meet her at a pub called “Belly Up Tavern” in nearby Solano Beach where they listened to live music and danced. The pair was also photographed together. But Jessica insists that they story ends there.

Flanked by her boyfriend of 3 years, she denied the story of multiple witnesses, who claim to have seen Jessica arrive by taxi at Harry’s Marriott Courtyard hotel early Sunday morning, and leaving around 6am. When asked if she went to Harry’s hotel room, she emphatically stated “No, no, that wasn’t me. It must have been another girl. I am sure Harry has lots of girls.” But what about the photo evidence- photos that appear to show Prince Harry and Jessica kissing? Jessica says that they were simply talking, and the angle of the photos only give the illusion of kissing.

With Jessica admitting to meeting the prince on multiple occasions, the photos of them seemingly kissing, and the witnesses seeing her leave his hotel all seem convincing, Jessica has one thing on her side: Harry seems to have a thing for trashy blondes, not party-girl brunettes. Longtime girlfriend Chesly Davy and model-fling Florence Brudenell-Bruce, anyone?

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Jessica’s boyfriend believes her. Do you? Check out these photos of Jessica Donaldson, and Prince Harry leaving a nightclub in London on September 24th, 2011, and tell us what you think of the rumors!