Prince Harry Had A Secret Pocket Made For Kate%u2019s Wedding Band

Prince Harry was so worried that he’d lose Catherine’s Welsh gold ring (made from a nugget owned by Queen Elizabeth II) that he had a secret pocket built into his uniform specifically for carrying purposes, according to the Daily Mail.  The Blues and Royals military uniform is so tightly fitted that it’s impossible to add pockets.  Knowing that he’d be waving to crowds, the spare had the tailor, Kashket and Partners, create a gold embroidered cuff that attached to Harry’s jacket.

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Sewn inside the cloth was a compartment where he could keep Catherine’s ring (which is very, VERY expensive).  Kashket did such a good job creating the cuff that no one noticed when Harry removed the ring up at the altar. Kashket also made Prince William’s Irish Guards uniform for the royal wedding.  The tailor makes parade and ceremonial uniforms, starting in the early 20th century as hatters to the Russian royal court.  They hold a royal warrant from the Queen.

Kashket also made a suit for Colin Firth in The King’s Speech, as well as Jude Law’s wardrobe for Alfie. Check out the gallery to soak in some Prince Harry hotness!