Prince Harry For The Win! The Royal Gets Competitive In Jamaica [PHOTOS]

Harry In The Country
The prince at a polo match in England.
Royal photographer Chris Jackson captured the most adorable candids of Prince Harry racing against Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt at the Usain Bolt Track at the University of the West Indies today (March 6th) in Kingston, Jamaica.

Dressed in sweats bearing Jamaican colors, Harry flew out of the blocks in a false start, leaving Bolt laughing at the starting line as the spare threw up his hands in victory.  After, Harry and Bolt struck the sprinter’s signature pose together.  CNN’s Max Foster, tweeted that Harry joked post-win, “I was being put through my paces by the world’s fastest star – who I beat, by the way.”

Jackson, who in also in Jamaica to cover the prince’s Diamond Jubilee tour, tweeted, “Harry’s celebration at the end was epic, arms out as he crossed the finish line, Bolt was left well behind.”

“He cheated, I said we would have a rematch in London 2012 and Harry said ‘I’m busy,'” Bolt joked to the BBC, adding that he had nothing but respect for the spare.  “He’s cool, very down to earth. When you meet dignitaries you think it will be difficult but he just wanted to laugh – it was an honour and a pleasure to meet him.

“I’m still the fastest man in the world so he has a long way to go.”