Prince Harry Does His Royal Duties With A Visit To Headway’s, Changes A Diaper With One Hand

Prince Harry Naked
Prince Harry sans clothing in Las Vegas.
Prince Harry is looking fine and doing his royal duties!

The handsome prince made a visit to Headway’s Bradbury House in London today, an organization supported by his mother that provides aid to people affected by brain injuries.

Prince Harry gave us his usual breathtaking smile as he met with individuals and families affected by brain injury, as well as nurses, volunteers, supporters and other employees that help care for them. The most interesting part was when they asked Harry to try changing a baby’s diaper with one hand to simulate what life is like with a brain injury. So how’d Harry do? 

I mean, not excellent. Harry joked with the folks before changing the diaper, “All the mothers will be, don’t let me anywhere near the children. This is actually how my brother is going to be.” Aww, poor Uncle Harry, not getting to change his own niece or nephew’s diaper. Don’t worry Harry, you’re not actually missing out on much.

Although we know that Prince Harry will be an awesome uncle. Even at the event today he made sure to give most of his attention to the youngest folks who’d come out to visit! Check out all the awesome photos in the gallery and tell us how much you love Prince Harry in the comments!