Prince Harry Goes On Ski Holiday With Galpal Cressida Bonas [PHOTOS]

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All’s well with the Cambridge in-laws; Prince Harry reportedly still going strong with Cressida Bonas.

Since being introduce by his cousin Princess Eugenie, Harry and Bonas have been keeping in touch, even while he was serving in Afghanistan.

The Ginger and His Blond were first reported to be an item following the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises in July.  After that, reports claimed that the singletons were together at the WOMAD Festival in August.

Now, just about every media outlet in the world is hot on the trail of Harry and Bonas, who are skiing together in Verbier, Switzerland.  Along for ride?  The Duchess of York, who is also a family friend of Bonas.

Thanks to Twitter, Prince Harry’s location was released, which rightly pissed the palace off (this counts as a private trip, therefore St. James’s Palace doesn’t comment on the matter). 

“Had Prince Harry on my flight today,” Page Alicia Boreham tweeted, according to the Telegraph. “Loveliest man. I fell in love a bit. After today, I could happily marry him.”

A Buckingham Palace source told the Telegraph‘s Tim Walker that real-time updates on the royal family isn’t cool.

“It may seem natural to people who use these social-networking sites to immediately post their sightings of members of the Royal family, but, of course, this makes life even harder for a group of individuals who already have more than their share of limelight,” the palace source said. “I would ask anyone thinking of doing so to reflect on whether they would like this to be done to them. There are, too, security implications in making public the movements of members of the Royal family in real time.”

By Kelly Lynch

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