Prince Harry Charms The Locals On His Diamond Jubilee Tour [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Harry And Kate
The in-laws shared a giggle on several occasions.
As expected, it’s been a successful tour of the Caribbean so far for Prince Harry, whose presence in Belize and the Bahamas has garnered positive press and a huge welcome from the locals.  On his first official trip representing Queen Elizabeth, Harry took part in a street party Friday night (March 2nd) and sampled local spirits (his reaction to one tasting was priceless).  After, he showed Belize his moves alongside folk dancers.

The next day (March 3rd), His Royal Highness climbed a Mayan temple in Xunantunich, where views from the top went on forever.  An emphasis was put on the end of the Mayan calendar in December of this year, but who could worry about such pish posh when Harry was in town? 

Next it was on to Nassau in the Bahamas, where the spare donned the No. 1 Tropical Dress of the Blues and Royals, according to the Daily Mail.  Harry is part of both the Army Air Corps and the Household Cavalry, and his uniform was adorned with an Afghanistan campaign medal, the Queen’s Golden Jubilee medal, as well one for her Diamond Jubilee.

While there, Harry had dinner with his late mother’s bridesmaid, India Hicks, who now runs a hotel in the Bahamas.  This was a last-minute decision, given that Harry’s schedule for the tour is jam-packed.  

Harry is one of the senior royals who was asked to embark on the celebratory tour for Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee.  His next stop is Jamaica, and then it’s on to Brazil where Harry will serve as trade ambassador.

Check out video from Harry’s tour after the jump!