Prince Harry And The Naked Vegas Picture Aftermath: What Next?

Kelly Lynch | August 22, 2012 - 11:48 am

This weekend, Prince Harry spent some time in Las Vegas partying with friends and unwinding before resuming military responsibilities.  Unfortunately, photos of the naked prince were obtained by TMZ, and now all hell hath broken loose.

Though St. James Palace has confirmed that Harry is in the photos, but does not comment on his private life.

Obviously someone with no moral compass took and sold these photos during a game of strip poker, which has now created a huge mess for the third in line to throne.

Some are pointing fingers at Harry’s personal protection officers for not confiscating phones, etc, but I’m fairly certain that their only job is to make sure that Harry’s safety is never compromised (I don’t think that includes incriminating photos and the like).

My opinion?  Harry does wonderful things for the charities he supports and is a serving member of the British army.  This was purely a case of off-duty shenanigans that were made public.  Yes, he has a responsibility to the crown to set an example, but he’s done that through his philanthropic work and comes across as a very personable young man.

There’s no doubt that Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Prince William aren’t psyched about these pictures, but would your family be jazzed about seeing nudie pics of you on TMZ? Methinks not.

The British press have not posted the pictures according to the Leveson Inquiry, which is helmed by Lord Leveson, the chair of the public inquiry into press standards and behavior.