Prince Harry And Prince William Are A Very Attractive Duo As They Partake In Royal Duties With Their Dad

Harry Shows Skin!
Prince Harry shows some skin while playing rugby with school kids.
The only thing that I love more than seeing individual photos of Prince Harry and Prince William is when we see them together…being attractive.

The royal brothers were spotted in London today alongside papa Prince Charles for the 2014 Responsible Business Awards Gala Dinner. It sounds very fancy indeed. I quite like the moments between the three of them when they’re just chatting–they almost look like a normal family.

You know what I don’t like though? Prince Harry’s pants. 

Harry! Why are you doing this to me? I thought the awful jeans from last week were just a fluke, but maybe it’s just his new look? The pants he was wearing today don’t look too terrible in motion, but god awful when he’s standing. Come on Prince Harry, you’re better than this.

Also, I really wish Prince George was there. Then it would have been a run of princes and it would have been adorable. Oh well, one day. Launch the gallery to check out all the attractive princes we did see. Wait, only two attractive princes. Sorry Charles.