Prince Harry And Chelsy Davy Secretly Discuss A Reconciliation

The Daily Mail’s Katie Nicholl reports that Prince Harry and on/off girlfriend Chelsy Davy discussed giving their relationship another go after he returns from helicopter training in the states.

Davy cooked dinner for the spare at her Belgravia flat before Harry left for California, and a source says that he “is desperate to rekindle their romance.  He says Chelsy is one of a kind and although he’s dated other girls, he still loves her.”  Allegedly Chelsy still has feelings for Harry as well (who wouldn’t?) and he was seen leaving her flat in the early morning hours.

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Chelsy’s romance with Taylor McWilliams is pretty much over, and Harry is single as well after breaking things off with Florence Brudenell-Bruce.  However, Davy has made it clear in the past that she does not want to marry into the royal family.  Apparently William and Catherine’s royal wedding was a “wake up call” for the South African native, who works full time at a law firm in London.  “Harry was Chelsy’s first love, but she doesn’t want to be a princess,” another source has said.  “She is very much her own woman and wants to make her own career.”

Sister-SUCK. IT. UP.