Prince Harry Accepts An Award In DC, Pippa Middleton Moving To New York? [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Pippa Middleton
She's the center of a constant bidding war.
“He is a young man, who has grown up with good looks and royal privileges,” General Colin Powell said of Prince Harry last night (May 7th) in Washington, DC.  “It would have been easy for him to choose a life of ease and leisure.  Instead he chose a more difficult path and by so doing he has become an example to millions of others.”

Harry made his first-ever trip to the nation’s capital to receive the Distinguished Humanitarian Leadership Award at the Atlantic Council’s Annual Awards Dinner at Ritz Carlton Hotel.  Past recipients include Bono and Bill Clinton.

His Royal Highness accepted the award on behalf of The Foundation Of Prince William and Prince Harry, refusing to take all the credit for his charitable works, including working closely with Walking With The Wounded.  “Generally, I obviously don’t feel that I’ve done nearly enough to deserve [this award],” Harry said, according to People Magazine. “The very least we owe them is to make sure that they and their brave families have everything they need through the darkest days – and, in time, regain the hope and confidence to flourish again.” 

Earlier in the day, Harry was joined by Dr. Jill Biden at the British Embassy to talk with 30 or so wounded veterans.  He also planted a tree in honor of his grandmother’s Diamond Jubilee, a fire-red maple called October Glory.

Meanwhile, Pippa Middleton is reportedly mulling a move to New York City.  “Pippa had been considering a move to Paris. But now that’s off the list she has been investigating her options in America,” a source told Grazia (via New York Post).  “She would love to move to New York as she’ll be spending time there when her book launches in the autumn.”

It looks like Middleton has quit her part-time job at Table Talk and hired public relations giant David Wynne-Morgan to help fix her image following the Paris gun-wielding incident back in April.  The Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister’s move will come around the time that her party-planning book, Celebrate hits shelves in October.

Prince William is due to give a speech tonight at the exclusive Thirty Club, frequented by many a high roller.  “It will be a small, private function, and I’m sure I’ll have the opportunity to speak with the Prince (William)” Premiere of the State of South Australia Jay Weatherill told the Daily Express (via All Voices).  

Prince Philip and Diana, Princess of Wales made speeches at the Thirty Club in the past.  “He’s been invited for about the last nine years but thought it right to accept the invitation this year as he has this personal landmark coming up and it is such a landmark year for the Royal Family in general,” a senior royal aid told the Express.