Prince Charles Shows Off His Delightful Sense Of Humor [VIDEO]

The Royal Family
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What a treat for Scotland!  Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, stepped in to deliver the weather on BBC Scotland this afternoon.  The Prince of Wales (or The Duke of Rothesay, as he is known in Scotland)’s impromptu performance popped up on viewers’ tellies unannounced, no doubt surprising many who tuned in for their forecast.

Charles had a great sense of humor as he was given the “clicker,” used by meteorologists to change pictures on the green screen behind them.  “Let’s take a look at the weather forecast now,” anchor Sally Magnusson said before introducing the broadcast’s special guest.  “I’m delighted to say we’ve got a new member of our weather team – let me hand over to him now. Your Highness…”

The script was prepared especially for the Duke of Rothesay, who ad libbed a few quips here and there, to the delight of everyone.  Upon reading about “a few flurries” over the royal family’s Balmoral estate, Charles joked “Who the hell wrote this?”   

“I think he’s a very good weather forecaster.  He’s been longing to do it,” The Duchess of Rothesay said when asked afterwards how she thought Charles did.  “He watches it every night, and [turning to Charles] you always thought you’d be rather good.”

Charles and Camilla visited the studios to celebrate 60 years of BBC Scotland Television, according to the Telegraph.

I get such a kick out of HRH.