Pretty Little Liars: What We Thought

Last night Pretty Little Liars premiered on ABC Family.  I thought it was a delicious departure from the reality smut we’ve been served lately (Tri-State area Housewives overdose).  The series follows four friends separated by some scandalous secrets, but they’re all brought together again when one of their own shows up dead after missing for a year.  Now all four girls are receiving texts and letters about information only their deceased friend knew about.  I cannot wait to see how the series unravels and who’s skeleton is too big to fit into their closet.  The same people behind The Vampire Diaries created Liars, so I immediately had to add it to the DVR list.  ABC Family is on the heels of the CW, with series like Make It Or Break It and The Secret Life Of An American Teenager.  Throw in 25 Days of Christmas in December and reruns of Full House, and I’m the happiest clam in the whole wide world.

So remember Lucy Hale from CW’s Privileged (seen in our gallery at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards)?  She also played Alexis Bledel’s little sister in Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2.  She’s my new favorite tween star (sorry, Tiz. You’ve outgrown it) and gives this series the star power it needs to attract viewers.  Oh, and Laura Leighton plays a slutty single mom (sorpresa sorpresa).  And remember the jock from CW’s Popular, Bryce Johnson (waaaaayyyy back in the day)? He’s the detective Laura Leighton sleeps with.  He still has all his hair and he’s still cute as a button.

Pretty Little Liars is what happens when you do back sh*t and it comes back to bite you in the ass.  Except this time this time it’s courtesy of a ghost.  Or is it?  I had a feeling last night that the chick who moved into Alison’s house is behind all this.  I won’t get ahead of myself, because I’m sure it’s someone we would never suspect.  Or it might be that blind girl, Jenna, because the girls did not look at all psyched to see her at Alison’s funeral.  And how did Alison die?  Oh, and Aria and the hottie-tottie teacher, Mr. Fitz?  talk about 8 kinds of wrong.  Stop making out with your student!  I know I’m in my late twenties, but I can’t wait for the rest of the season.  And thank you, ABC Family, for premiering this during the summer.  Now I don’t have to watch bad reality TV.  I have smutty teen drama to look forward to!

The glamazons hit the red carpet at a Barnes and Noble celebring the eighth and final book in the Pretty Little Liars series (yep, just like Gossip Girl).