‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Ashley Benson’s Best Red Carpet Looks [PHOTOS]

Ashley Benson grabs her books for Selena Gomez.
I love when someone bounces around with their clothes going from sexy to sweet repeatedly. It shows how confident they are.

Star of Pretty Little Liars, Ashley Benson, is one of the people who is able to wear these looks flawlessly.

Most of her red carpet looks are unbelievable stunning.

Take the lead image of the gallery, for example. To the left, she looks very playful and young. The jacket she’s wearing keeps the dress from being too sexy. Showing leg, but covering your upper half is a very good move. I doubt she’d want to show everything off at once. Often times, that just looks really trashy.

To the right, she looks very sophisticated. The dress reminds me of something you see in movies about the 1950’s, but with a modern twist. The belt around her waist gives the dress more shape so she doesn’t look like she’s being swallowed by the fabric. I love how she accessorized with that dress.

Check out our gallery to see how the star dresses up all of her different looks. Which ones are your favorites and which ones would you ditch?