‘Pretty Little Liars’ Cast Dishes On Season 4 At Q&A

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ABC’s hit drama Pretty Little Liars has been throwing thrilling curve balls to its ever-so captivated audience since it aired in 2010!

Get excited PLL enthusiasts, because according to executive producer Marlene King season four is claimed to be “season of answers”! King reaffirmed this exciting statement on Monday June 10, 2013 at the Paley Center, where the cast was present for a little Q&A. King also stated that season four will be the season where viewers finally find out if the infamous ‘A’ is indeed dead or alive and what actually happened the night she disappeared!

Even though the PLL cast and crew kept pretty tight lipped about season specifics, the crowd was treated to a sneak-peek at tonight’s premiere! Don’t worry if you were unable to catch this special glimpse of season four because they kept the clip as short and sweet as Ms. Lucy Hale herself!

Shay Mitchell told The Hollywood Reporter that she thinks “this might be the darkest season yet.” Ian Harding added to Shay’s statement by saying, “this season it feels like ‘A’ can kill you.”

Many hopeful romantics wondered what would come of the romance between Hanna and Caleb since Tyler Blackburn will be heading to Ravenswood later this year. In an interview with THR Blackburn stated “They [Hanna and Caleb] have a solid relationship so it’s actually heartwarming and interesting how they break off. It’s hard to explain. They don’t break up but they do part ways.” So, don’t fret “Haleb” fans, it doesn’t look like there is a concrete break-up in the ‘PLL’ future! Blackburn says, “it allows for things to go in multiple directions.” (King confirmed this during the Q&A portion.)

Since ‘A’ has been unsuccessful in trying to break up the girls, season four opens the door to new victims: the Liars’ parents! King reveals that by making the parents a new target for ‘A’ the drama will be increased physically, emotionally, and mentally!

Now that you all have a little ‘PLL’ insight make sure to free your schedule tonight because 8pm is go time! Anyone new to Pretty Little Liars, you have exactly T-4 hours to get fully caught up with all the juicy episodes thus far, and I highly suggest you get on that ASAP!