Preteen Girls Don’t Want To Shave Their Bieber

One web developer has created a powerful work of mad genius: the Shaved Bieber plug-in. The free download erases all mentions of tween sensation Justin Bieber from the user’s computer (here’s a demo.) Needless to say, the Biebettes and Beliebers are fuming!

The creator, Greg Leuch, has even started a tumblr to post all his hilarious hate mail about Justin (pictured performing today on NBC’s Today Show). One girl laments her parents are threatening to install the app on her computer if her grades down go up! Others are, uh, less eloquent.

Some selected favorite Tweets:  “IF YOU SAY ANYTHING ABOUT MY BOYFRIEND I WILL FIND YOU! AND HURT YOU SEVERLY [sic]!” or “maybe we should erase YOU from the internet a**hole!” and my personal favorite “I know many things about you and i know where you live. Just be aware. I might just appear behind you and shoot you with a gun!”

JEEZ! Well, at least they’ve moved on from Kim Kardashian!