President Barack Obama’s Interview With Jay Leno

Late yesterday afternoon, I got excited instant messages from my friends in Burbank, informing me that they watched President Barack Obama’s helicopter take off from the roof of the NBC building to film his interview with Jay Leno. Whoah.

While Barack was clearly prepared to trade jokes with the talk show host teasing that Washington D.C. “is a little bit like American Idol, except everybody’s Simon Cowell.”

True to form, critics have questioned Obama’s choice to take time out of his hectic work schedule to fit in a chat with Jay Leno, especially in the midst of the country’s economic crisis. “Didn’t you just say you were TOO BUSY to do an talk show interview?” While Obama argues that he’s able to multitask, we all know where the grumbling started. I’m not going to openly suggest anything, suffice to say their name probably rhymes with “Snowprah.”

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