President Barack Obama Enjoys A Pint In Ireland

President Barack Obama is having the best May ever.  After kicking off the month by taking down Osama Bin Laden, Mr. President received one helluva warm welcome in Ireland today.   The New York Daily News reports that the Irish dubbed our commander-in-chief President “O’Bama,” and #44 told a jubilant crowd in Dublin, “There’s always been a little green behind the red, white and blue.”

Mr. President and First Lady Michelle Obama headed to his great-great-grandfather’s town of Moneygall, where he told well-wishers holding American flags, “”My name is Obama, of the Moneygall Obamas.  I’ve come home to find the apostrophe that we lost somewhere along the way.”

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He and Mrs. Obama headed into a local pub, where they led the place in a toast before downing Guinness.  According to TMZ, President Obama threw down some cash and told the bartender, “I just want you to know that the President pays his bar tab … that’s how we do things.”

Mr. President left for London tonight instead of tomorrow due to rising volcanic ash from Iceland’s Grimsvotn volcano.  There he will meet with Prime Minister David Cameron.