Present-Day Madonna Cursing Slutty Yet-Infinitely-Way-More-Interesting Madonna of the Past

Madonna’s relationship with ex-boyfriend, James Albright, is coming back to bite the pop-star in the well-toned rear end. Back in the 90s, when Madonna was carefree and taking nekkid, sexed-up photos like they were going out of style, she had no idea that years down the road, she would one day be awaiting a visit from the head of Malawi’s child welfare service and flipping out over the idea that the pictures would be possibly be going public. In addition to the pics, Madonna is also nervous about love notes written by her to Albright and that they could possibly be released to the public during the child services rep’s up to five day stay with her and her family in their home in London.

The head of Malawi’s child welfare service is about to spend a week with Madonna and her family in London to assess whether they are fit to adopt baby David Banda permanently.

The singer and her husband Guy Ritchie are said to be “dreading” the imminent visit by Penston Kilembe, who will spend up to five days at the family’s £6.5million Marylebone house as part of a “home study”.

I’m sorry, but this is just CLASSIC. It’s almost as if former Madonna was so damn mischievous that she was actually planning on screwing with her future self, as punishment for settling down. That woman is INGENIOUS, I tell you. Ingenious.


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