Prepare Yourselves For Male Genitalia In ‘The Hangover: Part II’

Male genitalia should get top billing for The Hangover: Part II, as it makes a few special appearances alongside Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zack GalafianakisThe Hollywood Reporter has noticed a pattern in the “exposure,” so-to-speak, of penises in films like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Borat.  *SPOILER ALERT* If you’re going to see the sequel to the 2009 hit this weekend, don’t sit near your kids (better yet, leave them at home).  Perhaps the R rating is not enough, given that the appendage is shown.

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Legendary producer Ivan Reitman told the Reporter, “The reason it works is the matter-of-fact quality in which it’s presented.  And this is why it’s so well-directed. It’s almost done in passing so the comedic value is more effective.”  Reitman also commented that showing penises on film “is a last-frontier thing.”

FYI, the MPAA allowed penises to be shown in R-Rated films, as long as they are not erect.  Ok, then.