Premiere for Dear John and Amanda Seyfried’s Boobies

February 2nd, 2010 // 1 Comment

Looking back would have thought the girl who clutched her tatas to tell the weather in Mean Girls would have a better career than Lindsey Lohan

To thank the girls Amanda Seyfried brought them out to the Dear John premiere in Los Angeles last night, in a plunging Giorgio Armani dress. Is that a clear pillow protector I see holding her in there? Ah, the illusions of Hollywood. 

Jenna Dewan must have known they were coming because she she almost upstages in a  figure hugging dress sure to keep some of  hubby, Channing Tatum‘s attention.  Of course that doesn’t seem to be an issue for the newlyweds. The movie features love letters between a soldier and his sweetheart and Tatum admits to writing some gushy stuff for Dewan. “I just write little notes and put them around the house, maybe not letters but little notes.”  Seyfried adds that Tatum was “the most fun co-star I’ve had in my life.” Sigh, I guess he really is perfect.

So will this Nicholas Sparks film be the next Notebook or will it be a A Walk To Remember?

By Madison Ventura

  1. filmgirl

    She’s gross – lacking even Lindsay Lohan’s nuance (ouch), and a totes bowl of frog-eyed oatmeal mush on-screen. What English slang will she tattoo to her other foot – kappa slappa – how klassy! Eww.

    I’d care, but she’s already sOooo yesterday. I didn’t follow her much then either, I’m always afraid it will give me warts or the stupid will rub off.

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