Premiere of ‘Paranormal Activity 4′ at ArcLight Hollywood Theatre [PHOTOS]

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Genius, absolute genius. And no I’m not referring to the plot or character development.

Paranormal Activity is one of the most brilliant movie schemes I can recall in recent history. It is an infomercial product that you happily buy. However, what makes Paranormal different is the fact that when you get it in the mail you feel you got you’re moneys worth. So when I say this film is brilliant, I mean in terms of the marketing, production and cinematography.

By stepping out of the Paramount Pictures parameters of conventional marketing, the secret of its success lies in its inconspicuous nature. Paranormal’s advertising is inventive, relying purely on the audience reaction to promote the movie. Being the fourth installment in the series, this savvy strategy is strongly apparent.  Which is why I can appreciate the pure authenticity and creativity this movie protrudes, breaching new horror film ground through cheap thrills that include roaring sound effects and comparable acting to keep the movie afloat. 

Director Oren Peli, plays on our most primal fears, the innate human phobia of the unknown. With an Ouija board and an ominous demonic presence manipulating the laws of logic, the tone of the movie has an eerie underbelly. While not always blatantly in your face with gore or action, Paranormal fills you with the same adrenaline one feels when missing a step on the staircase. However, the characters in this movie don’t end up catching themselves.

In turn, making Paranormal Activity 4 into a free fall into the bizarre and obscure that occurs while we’re at our most vulnerable, during the night time while asleep.

Watch the trailer for the film below.