Premier Hot Spot For Upcoming Artists: AVALON Hollywood

Powerhouse DJ's Spin At Avalon Hollywood
Let the bass kick!

Ah, Hollywood: the land of fortune, fame and fabulous talent. There are very few venues that can measure up to where The Beatles played their first West Coast show, on the very stage of AVALON Hollywood. Bursting with kaleidoscopic color, vibrant lighting, a beaming bass, this club draws in some of the most world renounced musicians, setting the bar for a night of shameless fun.  With a cool ambiance that fuels the crowd to dance like no one is watching, the AVALON Hollywood club proves itself to be one of the best places for upcoming talent to showcase their music.

In particular, we were able to score backstage passes to the ‘Dirty Dutch’ Superstar, DJ Chuckie this Saturday night. Bringing in a legion of loyal fans, Chuckie (along with BetatraXx, his opening act), propelled the audience into a sheer state of Electro-induced bliss. Taking inspiration from both hip-hop and house music, Chuckie is a new force to be reckoned with. And no, this is not Dubstep, its more like a step into music heaven.