Pregnant Or Not Pregnant?

June 27th, 2005 // 16 Comments

That is the question.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. kristina

    The old hag is not preggers.

  2. Not pregnant. She just got a little chunky after she went through “the change”.

  3. ttt

    Good God, Who still cares about her~ What a role model for her kids…

  4. lala

    what of ashton….for his sake, hopefully not pregnant. If so thats what you get for dating someone who could be your granny.

  5. typerT

    I guess its nice when Mommy comes into your room, stares at the poster you have hanging with hearts, and then brings him home as Daddy~ Thanks Mom~ didn’t realize You were my competition.

  6. S

    you guys all suck. how come nobody gets so nasty when an older man dates a younger woman? but you’re all so quick to insult Demi Moore. complete double standard perpetuated even by women. their age difference is actually quite small compared to a lot of other older men who date women 40 years younger than them.

  7. Maria

    *moment.You have a point, S. What about Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger, Michael Douglas…..I am sure there are about a dozen more I can not think of right at this moment….

  8. when all you lovelies are 40+ and you realize the appeal of having a strapping young buck at your beck and call (well ashton is far from strapping but you get my point), you will understand Demi a wee bit more…

  9. lala

    yep, double standards sure do suck awful bad… now who’s going to change that?

  10. S

    let’s start right here Lala. By being aware of what we’re doing!
    And Maria, those including Eric Clapton are actually very extreme cases. There are many many celebrity couples out there where the man is 10-20 years older than the woman and nobody thinks anything of it.

  11. lala

    they say love know no age, race, creed reliegion. ect.(firm believer.)
    but how old is too old? and i’m being seriouse here. 10-20 years, really?
    Maybe it’s because I haven’t found “the one” yet but i just can’t imagine how that would work out.

  12. Katie

    I am 41, and my husband is 31, and we have been married happily for 10 years. We have two daughters aged 5 and 3. I don’t look like no “old hag”. You people will be 40 years old one day, and it is offensive to call people over 40 old. It is not that old little sprouts. Look at all the old geezers who are nearly 30 years older than there sweet young thing wives. Double standard talking isn’t it? My great-great-grandmother was actually 21 years older than her husband, and they had two children back then. That was quite a scandal!

  13. Amber

    You hit the nail on the head, S, et al. The double standard is dismal, and the ones who are trashing Demi now, will be singing a different tune in 20 years.
    How old is too old?.. I think that it depends entirely on intellectual, mental, and spirtual maturity — along with otherfactors of compatibility, of course. I have gone out with guys my own age, some of whom who were stuck at about 13 years old — and I have known guys 20 yeasr younger who had a level of emotional maturity and bright intellect that transcended the age difference. It’s a case by case thing — no blanket answer.

  14. j

    Obviously preggie, she’s been rail thin and in skin tight stuff for the last several years and now every time we see her she’s got some mumu shirt or loose fitting dress on. there’s no way she’s not

  15. Mike

    Let Ashton & Demi be happy and keep to themself. They are happy so what the age difference doesn’t make a difference if your happy or or not and they are. Whats wrong with that

  16. ley

    guys dont you have anything better to do?

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