‘Pregnant Man’ Thomas Beatie Gives Birth To Second Child

June 9th, 2009 // 52 Comments

Miracle’s can happen a second time.

Thomas Beatie, the controversial “pregnant man,” gave birth to his second child, a healthy baby boy, early this morning, 20/20 has learned.

Sources close to the couple say that it was a “natural childbirth” and that they have not yet decided on the boy’s name. Beatie’s wife, Nancy, will be breastfeeding their son, as she did with their daughter, Susan Juliette, who was born last June.

I’m kind of at a loss for words at this point.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. shardy


    on SO many levels.

  2. kk

    for the love of god, it is/was NOT a pregnant man. if you have ovaries, you are NOT a man, i dont care what you psychologically gender-identify yourself with

  3. American Dreamer

    Thomas Beattie and his “wife” post comments on this blog under the names “Eb” and “Mavick”

  4. stolidog

    why is it wrong?
    and, KK, to refer to this person as “it” means that you are a pig.

  5. stolidog

    American Dreamer…why did you put wife in quotes? She is his wife.

    Are you a pig too?

  6. LeslieD

    How can his wife breastfeed if she wasn’t pregnant? I don’t understand this. Does this man also have a vagina or was it caeserean (sp)–need some info here.

  7. stolidog

    I believe that he has never had the crossover surgery, so, vagina, no penis.

  8. d-l

    Those poor children. They are going to be so messed up – their “Dad” was pregnant with them? What is “he” thinking???? They will feel like freaks.

  9. stolidog

    They will feel like freaks only because people like you exist in society who will mock their parents and mock the children for having those parents.

    You are the problem, not the parents of this little baby.

  10. sarah

    Here is my problem with the whole thing. Transgender people complain how they are not socially accepted for their “born” feelings of inadequacy and then they get the sex change and NOW they are unhappy again? I mean which is it? If you want to be a man then deal with the fact that a man is the father in the relationship, not the mother carrying the child AND the father. Its just wrong period and quite frankly goes against everything THEY say they want. If you want to be a man, fine, be a man, but dont flipa switch and get pregnant as a man because your wife cant. Think about what that will do you your children when they are older. Selfish. Here is an idea, adopt.

  11. sarah

    People shouldnt make fun of the kids, nor make fun of the parents but I still dont think it is right…when did the world become a place where its completely normal for conception to occur when the sperm hits the test tube? I mean really, it just GOES against nature. We push the boundaries of nature too far and its scary to think where we will be in 30 years with science interfering the way it does.

  12. stolidog

    It speaks volumes about you when you speak about “going against nature” and “science interfering”.

    Christianity is a hodgepodge of belief systems based on a book that was written over centuries by Kings and a few community leaders who strove to bend the will of the people to their wishes. It should not be how any informed person views the world today, and it certainly should have no bearing whatsoever on how someone you don’t know chooses to conceive and raise their own children.

  13. sarah

    Who said anything about christianity? Im not even religious….and its funny that you are quick to tell someone they are wrong for believing in the bible this day in age yet everyone should believe in your scientific induced conception as the correct way to go about bringing life into this world? Religion or not when I said it goes against nature I meant just that, conception needs a man and a woman to create life and science is slowly changing that equation. No we no longer need a man and a woman to have sex, we just need the money to pay for the procedure. Whats next? They are already talking about changing the genetic make of a child so your child can have green eyes like you wanted instead of brown. How do you not see that this is wrong and YES, goes against what is natural in this world? Conception is not something we should be toying with.

  14. stolidog

    That just makes no sense at all.

    So, a woman who can’t conceive but can have her eggs fertilized and implanted into someone else to carry if for her shouldn’t be allowed to do that? Her baby shouldn’t be born, even though it’s possible?

    If you’re not religious, perhaps you should be as you are parroting their doctrine pretty closely.

  15. sarah

    Absolutely. I dont agree with Invitro or surrogacy. When it comes to the creation of life, nature should be the determining factor. Dont get me wrong, Im not a cold hearted person who feels nothing for those who cant conceive but at that point I think people turn to science and as I stated before, I think science has gone too far. Besides when did conception become a RIGHT to every woman? Its horrible to think that I could not be able to have a child of my own, but if that day comes, I will take the cards that have been dealt to me because I believe that when it comes to creating life, well that should be left to nature and not a doctor. But this is just specific to conception. Im not completely against science or anything. And you know I think I feel like this mostly because,as I said before, I think mankind is taking it too far. Now its not only create a child for me, its create a child that has blonde hair and blue eyes. Whats next? I want to make sure that they have an IQ of at least 130! I mean really we are meddling too much.

  16. Sarah

    And you may say that most people are just happy with having a child but when you push the boundaries of what science is doing, the simplicity of conception through invitro and surrogacy will become a thing of the past and suddenly you will begin to see people left and right messing with (genetically altering) what should be a natural thing. Its kinda like porn. I know its sounds like a bad example but hear me out….In the 50′s porn was taboo and not normal. Nowadays you cant find a person who doesnt watch it or at least is more accepting. Look at the sexual boundaries that have been pushed so far that now you have to ask yourself whats next? Whats the next thing to become “normal”….doesnt that scare you a little?….just like conception. Its may be considered normal or ok for people to create a child through science (not for me obviously) but what is next? Where does it stop? Who determines whats right and wrong. Thats why I think if we just dont mess with what has been natural for millions of years in humans and animals, then we hopefully will never get to that point. And also for someone who wants a child that bad, why not adopt? I understand the want for your own offspring but you can always adopt and clearly nature doesnt want you to procreate.

  17. american dreamer



    it features a scientist from california who was born male who had all the parts necessary to give birth to a baby implanted in his body

    it includes live video, x rays and more

    THIS is the first male pregnancy

    Thomas Beattie is just a woman with a penis attached. There is nothing significant about him.

  18. D

    Totally agree w/ Sarah 100%, and I’m not religious either.

  19. stolidog

    you’re lying 100% about not being religious. Why lie?

    And you have brutal, neandratholic views of life.

    We have nothing more to discuss.

  20. american dreamer

    I hired a team of scientists in South Korea to figure out some way to cross my DNA with my pet goat Lucy so we can start a family together.

  21. Enid

    I’m not blaming the reporters, but I really hate this person being referred to as a “man”. She kept the ovaries and the eggs, and has had two children. Whether she wants to be called Thomas or Tammy, SHE is a WOMAN. The whole thing disgusts me, and I feel badly for the poor kids.

  22. stolidog

    I feel badly for your children Enid. Let’s hope they learn better values that those that you are likely to instill in them.

  23. american dreamer


    You are absolutely right: it was always bizarre to me that Thomas Beattie garnered so much coverage as “the first pregnant man” when he was simply a woman who had a partial transition to manhood but kept all his (her?) sexual reproductive organs. This is hardly news.

    Now go to http://WWW.MALEPREGNANCY.COM to see the first REAL male pregnancy!

    What made Beattie worse is his constant search for publicity. It really got quite ridiculous.

  24. D

    Stolidog, you fail at mindreading. “Why lie?”: Indeed, why would I bother?
    I stated my opinion, which happens to coincide (to a cetain extent) with xtian views on the issue of IVF, but not on others (eg: I am pro-choice).
    Why do you accuse those who disagree with you of having hidden religious agendas? Strange.
    And “neandratholic” is hilarious… Is that a cross between neanderthalic and alcoholic? LOL

  25. Zoe Brain

    You know it’s funny – none of those I’ve met who are against IVF and such “Un-Natural” practices are sterile.

    They’re all nice, normal people who could have biological children if they wanted.

    I’m Intersexed. Severely. My dysfunctional female plumbing – mere scraps of ovarian tissue – was removed when I was 20. The dysfunctional male glands were removed when I was 48.

    But for about 2 years, at age 40, the male stuff was partly functional. And with some technical help to extract gametes (syringes etc), and after 12 miscarriages, we had a child.

    So I’m technically a father, yet medically female. More female than male, anyway, and my gender identity is strongly female, and always has been no matter what I looked like. Just as Thomas Beattie’s is male, and always has been, no matter what he looked like.

    I know this may be difficult to understand for anyone not chromosomally or endocrinally screwed-uo, but we’re just men or women who have been handed an unusual hand in life, and just have to play the cards as best we may.

  26. mollys

    When have you ever seen 2 male dogs have sex? Call it what you want and bash the Bible if you must but it’s not natural – even dogs know that!!!

  27. stolidog


  28. T-Bone

    Ok, ok, geez people. Are you really that ignorant? There are people in the world born of a particular gender who simply are not THAT gender. They feel, in every way, the opposite gender, for whatever reason (biological, psychological, physical — it doesn’t matter). The fact is they feel like aliens inside of their own bodies, and it’s a rough way to live life, I’m sure. So changing ones gender is no small task, mentally or physically. Have some compassion for their struggle. As Christians, we ought to have compassion for someone else’s struggle, even if it’s something we don’t fully understand.

    As for the children of this couple…. if they’re loved and well cared for, chances are they’ll be just fine.

  29. piper

    There’s always some idiot ***stolidog*** wanting to twist a twisted situation into a reality that doesn’t exist. Natural child-birth means the f(*)*)0male gave birth with a vagina. This is another way to bring an innoence child into the world not knowing who their biological father is. Every child has the right to know who their birth parents are. This is the reason that we need laws to protect unborn children from abuse. These two scumb bags give new meaning to insane. As far as stolidog;this b**menstruates and wears maxi pads. Wrap your brain around that thought.
    Oh! I want to be Daddy, No you get to be Daddy, I’ll play the mommie. Oh, can I breast feed? Please!!
    I want to play the man today, that’s not fair..Mommie, daddy is playing you again. Whoops, Daddy why are you using the toliet like Mommie?

  30. sarah

    Stolidog~ Glad to see we could bring out the mature intellectual side in you with your “idiot” comment. As *D* said I am not religious and am not lying about it. My opinion is not influenced by religion or “gods belief system”, its simply a FACT that it goes against NATURE. READ THAT CAREFULLY, I WILL SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU N-A-T-U-R-E…..Just like evolution is fact, it is fact that you need sex between a MAN AND A WOMAN in order to create a child. Or thats how it used to be. That was natures way of creating human life. Now we have taken it upon ourselves to create life that goes against what should be a completely natural thing. We shouldnt be altering genes or forcing someones body into conception when clearly, it was not meant to be.


    To those that say you are not religious, yet you condemn this couple for having children…is it true that you are not religious in the sense that you do not believe in god, or, as i suspect, is it true that you are not religious in the sense that you believe religion is “papistry” and does not adhere close enough to the word of the bible? I STRONGlY suspect that you (grossly) believe that contemporary religion is not strict enough in it’s adherance to the “word of the gospel” and that by saying you are not religious, you really mean that you are better than those that are religious. If I’m wrong, feel free to agree with me that god never existed and jesus was just a failed statesman.

    To the presumptious git that equated my sign-on name to alcoholism, my beloved 13 year old dog Stoli is crippled and has only a few weeks left in this world…so, suck yourself, you’re what makes the world a bitter place.

  32. stolidog

    T-Bone, after years of disagreeing with you on this site, it’s nice to know that there can be some common ground.


  33. stolidog

    Sarah, et al. who are opposed to IVF, may I also presume that you are opposed to blood transfusions, organ transplants, and chemotherapy?

  34. stolidog

    Zoe, thank you for sharing what was a very personal story. I’m glad that you were able to come through it and now have a child of your own to love. Don’t let people get you down.

  35. sarah

    Can you read? Im assuming not because as I said before SPECIFIC TO THE CREATION OF LIFE. Not saving life, procreation.

    PLEASE stop with the religious stuff already….WHY DO I HAVE TO HAVE RELIGIOUS TIES just because I believe that its wrong to create a child in the back of some doctors office? If your body is not able to create life you shouldnt force it with procedures that often result in an excess of children (multiples) or someone ELSE carrying the child. I mean COME ON, really, its called adoption. There are plenty of children out there who need a home and these people are paying ridiculous amounts of money to force their bodies into something that wasnt meant to be and isnt natural. Since you cant seem to wrap your mind around the fact that I have never read ANY bible nor been in any church (other than for historical/traveling purposes) I will meet you half way. Call me religious, fine, but understand that my god is mother nature. TBones statements about gender identity has NOTHING to do with what Ive been sayng. Had you listened in the beginning instead of hearing what YOU wanted to hear you would understand that if people want to change from a man to a woman then fine, whatever doesnt hurt me none. But I DO think its a bit ridiculous that this “guy” goes a woman to needing to be a man in order to feel at peace with himself. Fine do what you must. But please if you are going to go through all that and THEN decide that its only under certain conditions that you want to be a man, well guess what dont get upset when people think its a bit ridiculous. I mean what do you want? Do you want to be a man or a woman. Pick one, stick with it. Obviously people arent stopping him/her but its a bit ridiculous and Ill state my opinion. Not to mention that the children will undoubtedly be confused as all hell and its a pretty screwed up situation to grow up in. Having to ask daddy/mommy why hes is both…..please…. they should have just adopted.

  36. sarah

    And stolidog you say that they will grow up in a loving famliy….we know nothing of that. Have you ever seen shows where the family of transgender’ are torn to shreds because they cant understand why they HAD to be that way. I mean like I said, you need to change to be comfortable in your own skin, fine, but take into consideration that your family will have to live with that too. Its not just you. And in this situation, its not JUST that they are transgender its ALSO that daddy gave birth to me. Come on, like I said, whats next? Next its gonna be the real dads (junk and all) carrying the baby. Boundaries just keep getting thinner and thinner.

  37. stolidog

    Sarah, if you have not been indocrinated by some church, than I can’t fathom what the basis is for your argument.

    I’ll never understand it, so, I guess that is all we have to say on the matter. Welcome beyond the Middle Ages.

  38. stolidog

    Sarah et al. my apoligies. I was under the impression that your argument was based on a (ill conceived) pentacostal belief that medicine, etc was an interfierence in god’s plan and must be denied.

    I now understand that the sole basis for your argument is to deny Gays, Lesbians, Transgenders and Bisexuals their rights, and you don’t care who has to die (or not be born) to continue to deny those rights.

    Let me ask you this…throughout history, wet nurses have been employed to feed infants whose mothers could not feed them or, worse yet, died during childbirth. According to your theory, those children should have been left to die, no?
    Additionally, there are myriad examples of species caring for the young of a different species (ie, a cat nursing the puppies of a dead dog)…this is unacceptable to you, correct?

    You are so vociferious in your hatred of gays, lesbians, transgender and bisexuals that you would condem these babies and animals to die to further your concept of the “natural order” of things.

    I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it. If I’m right, you can rest assured that I despise you and our conversation is over.

  39. sarah

    Holy hell my basis is ME. Who says I have to motivated by someone elses morales other than what I believe MYSELF. I dont need a church to speak for me, I dont need liberal media speaking for me, I dont need extreme right wing conservatists as my influence either. The natural way of life has brought most of us into this world and if we continue to meddle too much, who the hell knows where we will be. I suppose you think that genetic altering is a great idea too? Human embryonic stem cell research? Anything for the paying customer…. hey you know its all good in the hood buddy, as they say, so many men, so many opinions.

  40. Sarah

    Yeah but you are talking about caring for the children that has nothing to do with CREATING life. It has nothing to do with gays or lesbians although I dont agree with this specific situation (far too much confusion for the children in the family of who is who and clearly confusion of the parents {does he want to be the dad or the mom I dont know?}). I asked you this before, WHO said it was a womans RIGHT to carry a child. If you have to create life outside of your body I dont agree. That doesnt mean a gay guy cant have sex with a woman and then have a kid, by all means. But respect the fact that that is the way nature intended things. If it wasnt then we would have all been born asexual. It has nothing to do with who has the kids (with exception to this case like I said too much confusion) basically I just dont agree with how people go about creating life. Shouldnt be done in a test tube. Period. Thats where I stand.

  41. stolidog

    you stand mired in ignorance.

    we are done.

  42. sarah

    And another thing, if you want to be gay by ALL means gay it on up. Im all for it! Doesnt bother me none. But you cant tell me it is there RIGHT to create life. Says who? How about that goes against what EVERYTHING in all of history and nature has said to be right. Natures way is a man and a woman doing it and getting it done! Not lets take the sperm and see if it “catches on” in the petri dish and then we will stick it inside you. Amen to those who have had kids that way, Im sure their kids are happy to be here. But I still dont agree.

  43. stolidog

    we’re done.

  44. sarah

    And another thing, if you want to be gay by ALL means gay it on up. Im all for it! Doesnt bother me none. But you cant tell me it is there RIGHT to create life. Says who? How about that goes against what EVERYTHING in all of history and nature has said to be right. Natures way is a man and a woman doing it and getting it done! Not lets take the sperm and see if it “catches on” in the petri dish and then we will stick it inside you. Amen to those who have had kids that way, Im sure their kids are happy to be here. But I still dont agree.

  45. sarah

    Well at least I can respect you for your opinion and not stoop to the level of calling you ignorant. Who is the small one now? Understand that we all have our opinions, mine doesnt agree with yours as yours doesnt agree with mine. Life will still go on.

  46. Sareque

    Geez, this is the ultimate farce.


    “He” had a vagina. “He” was naturally born with a vagina. Obviously “He”/She is not ready to part with his vagina and become a real man. Publicity crazy bitch.

  47. Zoe Brain

    sarah – whatever makes you think anyone cares what you think?

    If you translate thoughts to deeds, to voting for people who would ban IVF, or stone to death “trannies”, or make Pi equal to 3, then that’s a different issue.

    But your opinions and words alone don’t matter at all.

    You arrogantly tell others what is right and wrong, not bothering to justify that, and that’s ok. You’re entitled to your opinion. But opinions are like, well, a certain piece of anatomy. Everyone’s got one – unless they’ve had a colostomy.

    And yet I respect you enough to answer you. If i didn’t, I’d just ignore you, as most people do to those whose views are irrelevant. i do this because you’re a human being, entitled to be respected, even though you don’t respect me, or my right to have a child the only way it was possible.

    I can live with that. But how can I tell someone that they don’t matter, without disrespecting them? Please accept my attempt to do this. You don’t deserve to be treated the way you treat me. No-one does.

  48. sarah

    I said what I said because I think it goes against human nature and the natural way of life, Thats my justification. I dont HATE certain types of people, gays, transgender, or people who cant have babies of their own even though people on here seem to think that I do. I have no hate towards anyone, except maybe Nancy Pelosi LOL just kidding. Its just my point of view of conception and to be quite honest, Im not the only one who has that point of view either. Milions of people were disgusted with the whole Octo Mom situation and there are TONS of people who think that the DUGGAR family should not be having kids like they do. Those are extreme cases and all but still I think science is taking it too far. I dont know how else to say it. Once again, I dont hate people so dont try and pin that on me. Im not arrogantly telling others how it is, people have their own opinions, Im sure what I have said here hasnt changed that, that doesnt bother me. But since everyone else was stating theirs, I thought, why not jump in.

  49. sarah

    And you might think you are the “better person” by replying, which does nothing for me, but how can you consider yourself better by “showing respect” and then in the same sentence tell me that my views are irrelevent. I find it amazing that some people on here are ready to persecute those who disagree even though I never said your opinion didnt matter, I just said it differs.

  50. amjadafridi1@yahoo

    this is not reality it is lai .how he can pertilaiz her self .and how .he is alsp pines….and how he will borth

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