Pregnant Reese Witherspoon On Set Of ‘Devil’s Knot’ [PHOTOS]

Reese Witherspoon
The star wore Zac Posen to the 2012 Golden Globes.
Reese Witherspoon was spotted on set of Devil’s Knot  in Atlanta on Thursday (Jun 28, 2012). The Water For Elephants actress is carrying her first child with second husband Jim Toth. Witherspoon has two children from a previous marriage Ava, 12 Deacon, 8 to Ryan Phillippe. The actress was sure to stay cool with iced beverages while the hot temperatures tested her while filming.

The Atom Egoyan directed film Devil’s Knot is based on a true story and bestselling book (2002) by Mara Leveritt, an investigative journalst. The drama flick is about the murders of three young children and  three teenagers are suspected of carrying out the crimes (aka West Memphis Three) in which the trials reveal that it was due to a ‘satanic ritual’ and the teens were charged and convicted of a triple homicide. After 18 years of imprisonment, the defendants were released in August 2011 as a result of lack of evidence.

Witherspoon is playing the role of Pam Hobbs, a mother of one of the defendants and The King’s Speech star Colin Firth and True Blood’s Stephen Moyer are also starring in the 2013 drama. Moyer’s character is instrumental to the story as his role as the prosecutor John Fogleman in the trials of the murders of the three children in question.

Egoyan discussed the depth of the murder trials with Speakeasy on his latest film.”I can’t think of any other story that’s been unsolved, which remains at some level mysterious, and also which has been subject to such scrutiny.” He calls the Memphis Three murders a piece of “American Mythology now” and is looking forward to fully delving into the project. The film is due for release in 2013.

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