Pregnant Jennifer Garner Talks Divorce

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And a tattoo you wouldn't believe!
In a candid and very deep interview with The Sun, the very pregnant Jennifer Garner, seen here with her eldest Violet with husband, Ben Afleck, talks about her life experiences as she approaches 40.

Sounding knowledgeable and like the mother of two – soon to be three – more than I expected, Garner reveals humble upbringings in a small town with parents who worked their way up because of an education and hoped the same for her; a life savings spent on education so she could become a chemical engineer or doctor.

Her view on fame is real and something we hope all celebrities feel, but never voice.

“In the film business, you have perks beyond your dreams. You can make a sick child smile and raise money for charity, just by being well known. The flipside is that you can lose the illusion of having a private and personal life and your family is intruded upon. But don’t complain — the good outweighs the bad.”

There, she said what we’re all thinking.

But what she wishes she had known at the age of 18?

“I wish I’d known to wait for marriage until I was 30 or over,” said Garner, who divorced actor Scott Foley eight years ago.

“I have figured so much more out about life and feel the older women get, the more beautiful they get. We become ourselves — which is something you can’t teach anyone at 18.”