Precious Moments With Paris Hilton

April 28th, 2008 // 3 Comments

It’s sleepy time for Paris Hilton.

By Michael Prieve

  1. peachpie

    lisa, Mr. Harvey — you know i think you two tops (and thank god neither of you posted this fart bubble of non-news). but this is pointless vapid-ness. there was absolutely zero nutritional value — the rice cake of ASL, if you will. weird decision making process on that one — unless it’s just something to fill up space on a very obviously & painfully slow news day. and if that’s the case, just leave it blank.

  2. JAM

    Peachpie, I disagree, this is the most interesting paris hilton post I have ever seen…….

  3. Die Wonky-Eyed Whore!

    Please, let it be a dirt nap.

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