Posh Spice Wants an Oscar

Katie Holmes thinks Victoria Beckham could be a major acting talent. Bitch needs to wake up and borrow my Spice World DVD.

Katie Holmes is pulling out all the stops to ensure her new best friend pop singer Victoria Beckham becomes a Hollywood star. Holmes set up a meeting between legendary director Steven Spielberg and the ex-Spice Girl at the star’s 28th birthday Sunday.

An source close to Holmes tells British newspaper The Daily Star Sunday, “Katie thinks Victoria has a real future as an actress – but she wants her to start at the top. She’s anxious to introduce her to every major power player in town. She and Tom may not have the power to create a new star by themselves but they know who does.”

Did Spielberg just hide his smirk behind a cocktail napkin, as a monosyllabic, pouty Victoria stroked her poodle and slurred something about “really wanting people to see another side of me”. Or did he take pity on her and hook her up as British Hotel Concierge #2?

Katie Holmes Wants Posh To Act [Starpulse]

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