Miranda Kerr Poses For GQ

Gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr is known for more than walking the runway in her angel wings. Featured on the cover of GQ Magazine, the 27 year old was responsible for the demise of a young banker’s career at a Sydney, Australia investment firm.

When one of the banker’s colleagues was featured in a live television interview, the employee was seen in the background clicking through images of Kerr naked. Four million You Tube hits later, Kerr found herself even more famous, and the banker found himself completely jobless! In her interview with GQ, Kerr told the magazine, “It was a huge deal. I wasn’t offended. I just felt sorry for the poor guy.”

And while GQ magazine claims that “men have always been getting themselves into these kinds of predicaments,” Kerr only wonders if the poor banker would get “into trouble if [she] sent him the cover.” Better yet, Kerr says, “…Send him a signed cover! He can read the magazine at home instead of at work on the internet!”