Where Are You Going, Lindsay? Jail Is That Away.

I hope you packed some coke cans and a lingerie Lilo, because you might be headed to jail.

Lindsay Lohan, who was spotted fleeing flying out of LAX last night with her sister Ali Lohan, has not fulfilled the alcohol education requirement the probation Judge gave her after the second DUI. That one where they found coke on her.

Anyway, she has unitl July to finish her alcohol ed courses but she was ordered to attend them once every 7 days. The school Lindsy is enrolled in is required to inform the court if the student is MIA for 21 days. Here’s were Linds is sneaky. TMZ reports that she usually waits until 21 days, so she doesn’t have to go every 7 days, but the judge doesn’t find out. Unless of course the Judge reads tweets. This is not the time to use the three brain cells left for trickery, Lindsay.

Judge Revel, who was happy last time they checked in, made it clear Lindsay had to go every 7 days and that there were no more chances and if she violated the conditions of her parole, she’s going to jail. I really hope they don’t work out a slap on the wrist rehab deal here. This girl needs legit detox and a baton-enforced curfew.