Eddie May Be Cheating On LeAnn – No One Shocked

November 4th, 2009 // 3 Comments

Looks like the cheating Mr. Dimples himself (a.k.a Eddie Cibrian) is at it again! Life & Style is reporting that although he is supposed to be with Leann Rimes, Eddie has been seeing and doing Scheana Marie Jancan, whoever the hell that is.

I’m gonna go ahead and take this story with a grain of salt, and a shot of tequila (there’s salt, why not?). Not that it is totally unbelievable that a guy who cheated on his wife could cheat on his new girlfriend, but apparently this Scheana gal has been around the rumor block a couple times before. The 24 year old wannabe-actress was said to be dating John Mayer a while back, but blabbed too much to the media for even John’s taste.

So either Eddie is sleeping around… again, and LeAnn shouldn’t be surprised in the least. Or this is a big, fat rumor most likely conjured up by the random fame-seeking skank named Scheana. Either way, karma’s a bitch, and everybody in this post is a loser.

Gallery Info: LeAnn Rimes shops at Chrome Hearts and James Perse in Malibu while wearing a skull graphic tank and cardigan – 11/3/09.

By Bailey Edwards

  1. MaxM

    ahh..could you repost the pic of Eddie without the heads of the 2 women, they mess up the view….

  2. rheba

    she’s not mature enough to know if he’ll cheat WITH you, he’ll cheat ON you

  3. Tao

    Oh, lets hope this is real and see how the Whore likes being on the receiving end.
    ha ha

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