Emmy Rossum: Married, Divorced And Dating Counting Crows Guy

So Apparently Emmy Rossum was married. That’s right. Not only did no one in the world know, but we didn’t even find out about it until it was over. Her husband (until this past August, that is) is a music business executive named Justin Siegel. 

Hold tight, that’s not even the weird part. As wild as it was that she was married and divorced before anyone found out about it, Emmy is taking her married-no-more butt around New York City with Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows. Yeah, that front man with the wild dreads who back in the 90’s dated Jennifer Aniston AND her bff Courtney Cox

Apparently the odd couple shared a romantic dinner at Dos Caminos Restaurant last month in Soho, and were seen kissing and singing together at a concert in Central Park. I’m sorry, it’s just too weird to be cute.

Emmy, you’re adorable. And not to mention, 23 years old. For all of you that grew up with the Counting Crows like me, Adam is 45 years old now. Don’t get me wrong, Adam was cool in his day, and he can write a mighty fine song that will make you cry harder during any break up than you should be. But C’mon girl, you can do a whole lot better than that.

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