Some Guy Doesn’t Love Leno

The Orlando Sentinel reports that comedian/sit-com star George Lopez has an issue with Jay Leno.

On this morning’s Scott and Erica Show on WOMX-FM (Mix 105.1), comedian George Lopez was a guest to talk about the return of his ABC sitcom. The radio show hosts asked, in jest, if Lopez wanted to feud with anyone.

Lopez then went on a rant about NBC Tonight Show host Jay Leno.

“He’s the biggest two-faced dude in TV,” Lopez said of Leno. He also called him a back-stabber and said he can’t interview guests very well.

During the rant, Lopez also mentioned that there’s a reason Conan O’Brien is inheiriting the Tonight Show in 2009 when Leno is still young enough to handle it and that he’s the “worst interviewer ever”.

Rraaow! Ladies please! I don’t know who this Lopez guy is but Jay Leno is the single most irritating person on this plane of existence. Simpering, pandering, whiny. Everything white bread and digestible and a prime example of the “dumbing down of America”. There should be a fatwa. Ok, that’s a little harsh but some hooker charged 185.14 worth of gasoline on my stolen credit card. What the hell? Did she buy gas for all her slag hooker friends?