Some Guy Doesn’t Love Leno

January 26th, 2007 // 7 Comments

The Orlando Sentinel reports that comedian/sit-com star George Lopez has an issue with Jay Leno.

On this morning’s Scott and Erica Show on WOMX-FM (Mix 105.1), comedian George Lopez was a guest to talk about the return of his ABC sitcom. The radio show hosts asked, in jest, if Lopez wanted to feud with anyone.

Lopez then went on a rant about NBC Tonight Show host Jay Leno.

“He’s the biggest two-faced dude in TV,” Lopez said of Leno. He also called him a back-stabber and said he can’t interview guests very well.

During the rant, Lopez also mentioned that there’s a reason Conan O’Brien is inheiriting the Tonight Show in 2009 when Leno is still young enough to handle it and that he’s the “worst interviewer ever”.

Rraaow! Ladies please! I don’t know who this Lopez guy is but Jay Leno is the single most irritating person on this plane of existence. Simpering, pandering, whiny. Everything white bread and digestible and a prime example of the “dumbing down of America”. There should be a fatwa. Ok, that’s a little harsh but some hooker charged 185.14 worth of gasoline on my stolen credit card. What the hell? Did she buy gas for all her slag hooker friends?


By J. Harvey

  1. Jinxy McDeath

    A few years ago there was a TV movie, not sure if it was HBO or regualar tv, about how Leno backstabbed David Letterman to get the tonight show. Almost everyone hates his guts in the business, but he’s cleaned up and can retire really wealthy. He is super boring.

    Leno wife does a lot of nice things for charity, though it’s been said she hates him too.

  2. Tommy

    Just because he’s Mexican, doesn’t mean you have to bash George Lopez. You run a fucking pop culture site, and you don’t know who he is. Jesus. You should get your head out of your ass.

  3. Tommy's Mom

    Tommy, this is your mother. You need to take your pills, eat your refried beans and stfuywb.

  4. Tommy's Mom

    Tommy, this is your mother. You need to take your pills, eat your refried beans and stfuywb.

  5. Julz

    Where the hell did J make fun of George Lopez because he was Mexican? I didn’t get that AT ALL.

    And what about The O??? Simperimg, check! Pandering, check! Responsibility for dumbing down of the Mini-Van Majority, CHECK!!!

    (Tommy will probably jump my shit for being racist for that remark, too)

  6. cracktastic

    jinxy, that movie was called “the Late Shift” and it was a very accurate depiction of what went on when Carson retired and both Dave and Jay wanted the show.

    Kathy Bates is AMAZING as Jay’s PR person (agent maybe?).

  7. z.

    I didn’t get “racist” from this post… but how have you not even HEARD of George Lopez? Or were you being funny? Sometimes I’m dense…

    Btw, you said trashy weave-wearin’, wallet-stealin’ ho was driving a mini van? Filling that monster with gas & buying cartons of cigarettes, boxes of condoms, and a few six-packs at the gas station would add up!

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