Nicole Kidman’s Face Bears a Lonely Wrinkle, While Nicole Does Some Good

What is this I see on Nicole Kidman’s face? Is that…a wrinkle? How did that little bugger manage to sneak it’s way in there? Watch out, little crease, there’s a syringe with your name on it. I kid! I kid because I do think Nicole’s a good actress, and seems like a woman who generally does her best to keep a low-key personal life, despite her fame. I just think she needs to put the face needles to rest. But, when she’s not acting or wrinkle-erasing, Nicole is being a good person. She’s teamed up with a new women’s agency at the U.N. which is launching a campaign to promote an Internet petition opposed to violence against women. Nicole’s already a goodwill ambassador for the U.N. Development Fund for Women and is using her famous face to bring attention to this pet cause of hers. I agree with her sentiment, except for when some bitch is trying to elbow her way past me in line at the grocery store. That kind of behavior is just begging for a smack to the head.


See photos of Nicole and her husband Keith sneaking onto a plane at the Sydney airport after the jump.