Elton John Greets David Beckham In The Most Elegant Fashion Possible

Photos: WENN

David Beckham had the the Australian celebrity scene all swoony at at the “Foxtel is Football” party in Sydney last night. “Without A Trace” star Anthony LaPaglia (who I still can’t believe is an Aussie which I guess makes him a good actor) organized a soccer match on Sunday between the LA Galaxy and Sydney FC, of which he is co-owner . Guests were reportedly frozen like Birdseye by Beckham being in the same room as them until Elton John broke the ice by being classy per usual.

Sydney’s A-list may have been starstruck but it took Elton John to break the ice at the Foxtel is Football party last night, greeting guest of honour David Beckham with a cheeky quote, “Allo Golden Balls”.

Elton’s funny, but he’s also a pig in a wig. With a tiara on top. And there is no way in hell he is ever seeing the balls in question. Not that he has a chance in the first place, but Victoria Beckham would set her android boob phasers to kill.

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