Elton John Greets David Beckham In The Most Elegant Fashion Possible

November 26th, 2007 // 5 Comments

Photos: WENN

David Beckham had the the Australian celebrity scene all swoony at at the “Foxtel is Football” party in Sydney last night. “Without A Trace” star Anthony LaPaglia (who I still can’t believe is an Aussie which I guess makes him a good actor) organized a soccer match on Sunday between the LA Galaxy and Sydney FC, of which he is co-owner . Guests were reportedly frozen like Birdseye by Beckham being in the same room as them until Elton John broke the ice by being classy per usual.

Sydney’s A-list may have been starstruck but it took Elton John to break the ice at the Foxtel is Football party last night, greeting guest of honour David Beckham with a cheeky quote, “Allo Golden Balls”.

Elton’s funny, but he’s also a pig in a wig. With a tiara on top. And there is no way in hell he is ever seeing the balls in question. Not that he has a chance in the first place, but Victoria Beckham would set her android boob phasers to kill.

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By J. Harvey


    btw: tommy is closing in fast!!

  2. Michael

    I think David and Victoria are such a gorgeous couple, but everybody have to agree that their behavior is not a good example for their kids nor anybody else. Have you seen these news reporting that David was accused for snubbing child cancer survivors? http://www.weshow.com/us/p/24811/david_beckham_accused_of_snub_kids_with_cancer He defends himself saying that he haven’t seen them… I don’t know… what do you think?

  3. David is a gerat Footballer

  4. Loob

    “Anthony LaPaglia (who I still can’t believe is an Aussie which I guess makes him a good actor) ”

    Yep, he does an impressive American accent. Poppy Montgomery is also Australian, didja know that? :)
    You know who relentlessly sucks? Alan Dale from Ugly Betty. He’s also an Aussie and he does an absolutely horrendously bad American accent. It continues to stun me that he gets any work, ever.

  5. Emma

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