Posh’s Show Sucked

July 17th, 2007 // 40 Comments

Maybe she had the wrong blogger eating lunch with her. Maybe she should have had someone classier like Lisa. Or someone as equally grotesque as Capt. Shiteous but willing to go Dutch like me. I could have lunch with this ho. I have plenty to ask her. I’m more interested in what would would happen when the backing track would skip as opposed to her husband. Who’s hot but kinda boring. The hot semi-gay ones are always boring. Anyway, no one really watched her lame tv show. It got beat by “Wife Swap”. HAH! Well, that’s a hot show. It has Christ warriors, and straight women telling gay women to stop shacking up with each other. And hellish children. And it’s not going to be too long before the wife swap gets biblical if you know what I mean. This is 2007, it’ll go there.

Victoria Continues to Look Bored After the Jump

By J. Harvey

  1. Heidi

    I liked it.

  2. Margaret

    I liked it. I thought she was funny and charming, but what do I know?

  3. Ray

    Take away her oversized man-made tits, she’s got the body of a 12 year old boy.

  4. tammyv

    I liked it too.

  5. silvarga

    Whatever J. Harvey, As I remember SOME LUSH got within 5 feet that orange-haired walrus one night and started gushing hearts and flowers. I haven’t forgiven or forgotten about that.

    A sit-down with Lisa would definitely have been more classy…but maybe her reps saw all that “Katie and Peter” propaganda ASL was pushing a couple months back, hmmmm?

    I’m hearing that the peeps who did watch the show liked it and her. Including those who were on the fence…

  6. ifyousayso

    i sheepishly and almost ashamedly admit that i liked it too.

    she’s so self aware that it’s hard to absolutely abhor her for all of her vices. she had tons of great one-liners. even if it was completely contrived.

  7. ifyousayso

    am i to assume the orange-haired walrus is linds? apparently i’ve missed something…

  8. Lookwhaticando

    I’m just glad I choose not to watch, she seems too phony to me, and Im just not interested

  9. g

    i liked it…

  10. Lisa

    I’ve never been a fan of VB but I thought she was great. She has a dry sense of humor and comes across as being very self aware. I loved that she was able to make fun of herself. Not everybody is willing or able to see the humor.

  11. Huh? I liked it! I thought she was too funny!

  12. pinkydinkydoo

    I liked it too. I was surprised to read the negative reviews of the show. I thought it showed that she had a sense of humor about herself and her image.

  13. Persistent Cat

    I hated it. I thought she was awful. She was rude to her “assistant” when she made the snarky comment about maybe she should wear heels, the way she told the man at the DMV that she has a Bently with no top. She’s not self-aware, she’s a vapid bitch who’s a marketing genius. And everything was so staged. The assistant? Really, could they have found anyone more wholesome? That was so fake. And the different fake set-ups??? Ugh. “I’m photographed everywhere I go so I have to trip the paps” so she goes to a sex shop. Cuz it’s better to have David think that than her going to a jeweler. Or her “surprising” Perez. Whatever. The whole thing was so staged.

    And she’s dumb as shit. “I didn’t know whether to pose or get arrested.” You got pulled over you dumb tit, what do you think you do. Regardless, all she did was pose.

    Maybe they edited it properly but I suspect several episodes of that show would get pretty painful.

  14. The show was great. I’m glad to see a different side to her. She was actually funny

  15. I loved it! I think she was so cute and charming. People are jealous

  16. I loved it! I think she was so cute and charming. People are jealous

  17. SHe meant were they pulling her over for a phot- op it seemed like it

    I hated her assistant, and she was not rude for saying wear heels the girl was all like your wasted i hate when people state the obvious or make assumptions its like AND

    She is a breath of fresh air from the usual bitch who does not even see their kids but is down to earth cause they dress like shit that were used to.

    She acts like a regualr britich person not to stereotype but that is how alot of them are. We watch to much csi and make a shitload of asssumptions about people so we could be the first to spot someone different and we rush everywhere running up escalators in stead of stairs and talk to fast.

    I say we cause i am born and bred in the u.s.a but when i go to europe cause im thin and when i talk open they sware im not american and those are the reasons why plus the clothes.

  18. Audrey

    I liked it and I have changed my views on Posh just from that one hour. I didn’t know the woman could smile, or laugh for that matter, but she’s actually really funny!

    The best quote: “I really thought my silicone was gonna fly out my armpit.” Really now, how many celebs are that frank about their boob jobs? Most people deny it; at least Posh embraces her superficiality.

  19. lilly

    I LOVED it. I laughed out loud about 100 times.

  20. silvarga

    ifyousayso said:

    am i to assume the orange-haired walrus is linds? apparently i’ve missed something…

    No, the orange-haired walrus is Perez.
    A couple months ago, J. Harvey got drunk at some affair, ran into Perez and confessed how much he admires him, and then detailed it on ASL the next day.

  21. Tammy

    I thought it was hilarious! It’s nice to have celebrities who don’t take themselves too serious. Who cares if she seems like a bitch, at least she’s funny. Unlike people like Katie Holmes, Madonna and Beyonce who think they are God’s gift to the earth. She’s hilarious! That show made me a fan of Victoria Beckham!

  22. dinigi

    I thought she had a great sense of humor and she’s very classy. Too bad she didn’t ream Perez a bit more but all in all at least she had the guts to confront him..and she did it every so nicely, yeah?

  23. Persistent Cat

    I believe she takes herself very seriously. Everything is calculated and I doubt anything happens by chance.

  24. Captinzoom

    I thought the show was just fine. Sure there were parts that seemed staged but I thought she came off as Human and somewhat funny.

    From what I read on this board and other forums most viewers enjoyed the show greatly. I think the 2 things that did the show in was A) Bad promotions/Marketing. Besides a segment on ET I didn’t see one ad for the show. My Friend who missed it didn’t even know it was on. B) America groups here in as wasted space Ala Paris Hilton and tuned her out.

    If people want to see a more candid look at the Beckhams they should look up on youtube the doc “the Real Beckhams” it covers Victoria and David moving from London to Spain. You get to see how they interact with their children and how hardworking they both are.

  25. Dana

    I really liked it. I liked her, enjoyed seeing her clowning around and smiling. She really looks like a caring mom and wife. She may live a somewhat silly life, but she really seems to not take herself too seriously. I loved it when she told That Certain Blogger “I’ve got to get miserable for the paps” or something like that, so she wouldn’t smile.


    I really enjoyed it and am sorry they didn’t make it the 6 parter I hoped it would be.

    I’m officially on Team Victoria!

  26. Is there anything about her that doesn’t? (suck, that is)

  27. me shee

    i totally watched it and loved it!

    she’s perfectly cute and more funny than i thought she would be. i have a crush!

    compared to our current celebs (lindsay, paris, brit the shit)….i say…


  28. jen

    Based on what I heard yesterday, this was supposed to be six episodes but it was SO bad they took the best of the 6 and made a 1 hr special. What you saw was the BEST. The producers said she was boring and very hoity-toity.
    I also read that she’s pretty disappointed that her and the Beck’s entrance into America was as successful as she thought. Because we all know in the UK, they’re loved by everyone. Guess we American either have more taste then our friends across the pond, or we have seen too much (Paris Hilton, Lohan etc) to care about these guys.

  29. green cardigan

    Posh and Becks are like royalty in England. After Princess Diana died, the paps needed a new focus and Posh an Becks filled the gap. I wouldn’t say they are loved by everyone there, Becks is more popular as he plays footie and is handsome but she gets terrible press. She is always photographed pouting and is portrayed as a miserable cow. I am slowly turning my opinion around on her though. I used to think she was just a stick with a pair of plastic boobs and no brain, but she has kept her marriage together in spite of stories of infidelity on Beck’s part, she seems to dote on him and her sons and she definietely has business savvy.

    The problem with them is that they are EVERYWHERE. Everytime you open a magazine or look at a website, there they are. Celebrity overload.

  30. Lisa

    Loved the show!!!!! I wish it was a regular series.

  31. maggie

    Loved it.

  32. chatter

    It was good…what did they expect..a shakespearan play. Give her a break…it was fine.

  33. jennirific

    I looovvvvveeeeedddd the show. I wish she could be my celeb best friend!

  34. Chatter

    I will watch it again on Thursday since NBC will replay it.

  35. “Audrey said:

    The best quote: “I really thought my silicone was gonna fly out my armpit.” Really now, how many celebs are that frank about their boob jobs? Most people deny it; at least Posh embraces her superficiality.”

    She didn’t say “silicone”, she said “cell phone”. That woman has never been honest about her implants!

    I watched the show. It was dreadful. She’s not cute or clever. She was rude to the assistant (probably some actress anyhow). She actually admired those Beverly Hills psycho wives. She cheated on her driving test. Her best friends are two people that she employs …. lame!!!!

  36. mali

    i watched it and it was great. shes not the prim proper snob i thought she was. she was charming and funny (traditional wry Brit way). And even though she lives this extragavant lifestyle, shes also just a woman who loves her family completely. I like her

  37. Quite Amazed people actually liked it, well now take your medication.

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