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February 27th, 2007 // 4 Comments


The Beckhams have barely just settled in here in Los Angeles, but Victoria has already landed herself a deal for a reality show with a major network. The negotiations were handled on Posh’s end by the former Spice Girls manager, Simon Fuller, who spoke with London Lite:

“The Americans were falling over themselves to sign Victoria up for a TV show but we had to choose the right deal for her. NBC won out in the end as they have really taken a shine to Vic’s hilarious sense of humour and they want to capitalise on this.

“She is a funny lady and this new series will show this to the world.”

And the joke’s on all of us when we find out she’s really just an ingenius creation of Sacha Baron Cohen’s, who’s been duping us all these years.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. CareKate

    Further evidence of why NBC is — and will remain — in the cellar of TV’s Nielson ratings….

  2. -A

    WOO HOO! Oh man I can’t wait for this show to be honest. It’s bound to be glorious. We know who will play Skeletor…well it IS her show. Who gets to be Heman and SheRa?

  3. pilsbury

    “The Americans were falling over themselves to sign Victoria up”

    Naomi Campbell has her show and now victoria, You Americans have NOT got a clue have you!

    All I ask is Don’t even think of selling the shows to the UK. I’m just glad to see both those bitches out of the UK.

  4. I’m sure NBC will be marketing it in the U.K. & wherever else they can in order to recoup the $20 million they are paying her.


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