Posh Needs to Quit Playing Games with My Heart

June 5th, 2007 // Leave a Comment

Maybe it’s that whole “wanting-what-I-can’t-have” thing going on, but once I found out that Victoria Beckham might be pulling out of her NBC reality show something in me died a little. I think it’s because NBC comes in so clearly on my TV and I was really looking forward to some really silly television-viewing. But now, it looks like the show is back on.

“Victoria has not pulled out of the TV show,” her rep tells Usmagazine.com. “She has had so much fun filming the show but it is true that she took last week off and is taking this week off to look after the boys and support David. However, she will be back in L.A. in mid-June to continue filming. It’s completely up to the network how long and in what format they decide to broadcast the show.”

I think I’m just really curious to see how this woman fills an entire day when she’s not looking after her kids and husband. I imagine there’s a lot of shopping, maybe a lunch once in a blue moon, and being hotly pursued by Scientologists. Ooh, and you know I love a good chase scene.


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By Lisa Timmons

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