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January 25th, 2007 // 5 Comments


Who knew that Posh blogs? In this latest snippet from her blog, Posh writes about her struggles in finding a home in LA, and finding her way around the city (it’s not as if she drives herself around). Do you think that Victoria Beckham actually gets on her laptop and writes a blog entry every other day or so. I don’t think so.

I wonder if we’ll find out her thoughts on the latest Jean Paul Gaultier show. More photos of Vicky at the show after the jump.

(Source: DVB Style via Oh No They Didn’t)


By Jessica Marx

  1. Yeah, I wanted to go to Disneyland too, since I was 3 days old, but my Mummy needed the money for bread. Now I buy my own bread and work myself bloody to be able to survive in this all over Posh world.
    I found my way through continents and she can’t find,(or her countless drivers), their way from Santa Monica to Malibu, the beach….Poor Poshi girl….

  2. LA Woman

    Does this woman EVER smile? Ever? I’ve never seen a picture of her even looking pleasant.

  3. Magda

    no, she dont smile.Smile makes her look 0,0012 kilograms heavier.

  4. -A

    Ah man I wish I had her problems. “Malibu or Santa Monica, oh my how ever to get there. Driver? Do you have a map?”

    Yeah, her life is going to be SOOOOO hard! What I can’t wait to see is what happens when Paris meets Becks. And how Posh will react to it. Now that will be worth watching.

  5. Delmar Serrano


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