Victoria Beckham Has An Enemies List

What is she – a cult? And if you’re on her list, you’re not seeing the Spice Girls reunion tour! Reports allege that Posh Spice has herself a list of all the celebs she hates and feels have ridiculed her in the past. And those celebs aren’t going to be allowed anywhere near her show! Her enemies include Jordan and her husband Peter Andre, Lily Allen, Sophie Ellis Bextor, TV star Denise Van Outen and camp comedian Graham Norton. She should probably add whoever recommended she wear some of those outfits that she sports. Each one of these individuals has wrong Posh in some way. Jordan and Peter are always trashing her ass publicly. Sophie Ellis Bextor (Murder on the Dance Floor!) cut up that latest Spice Girls video. Lily Allen said she was a poor role model for young girls because she’s a bonerack. And I guess the other two (I have no clue who that Denise broad is) trespassed against her senses as well. Graham Norton trespasses against me daily. The boyfriend is always DVRing his show, and I think he can border on slightly annoying sometimes. Tone down the clothes! Here’s Posh and her husband David Beckham’s latest stench ad. Apparently it makes you sweaty and musses your hair. Like you just had sex. Though it’s a better look than their recent Old Man and the Geisha appearance.