She Has Teeth?

May 16th, 2007 // 11 Comments

Are those chiclets? Is that a friggin’ smile? Did someone get a raise in her allowance? Or maybe she found out that trashy Peter Andre almost died. Here’s Victoria Beckham terrifying everyone with a smile as she arrives at the airport. Seriously, this chick never grins. It’s like when a serial killer is stoic through the entire trial but then his face lights up when he sees the crime scene photos. *shiver*

(Mavrix Photo)

More photos of Victoria Beckham arriving at LAX after the jump.

(Mavrix Photo)

By J. Harvey

  1. RhoneWineGal

    I can’t get over how insect like she looks. Yuck. Well, at least she exudes more class than our trashy American celebrities like Lohan & Hilton. How embarrassing they are to claim as icons.

  2. Petite

    I read on a blog that she doesn’t smile to prevent wrinkles on her face. If that’s true, that has GOT to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard!

    Smiling makes you feel good- so what does she feel all day???

  3. Zekers

    I recently saw another pic of her smiling. She actually looks much better, less plastic but I guess she has a problem with how her teeth look or something

  4. green cardigan

    I always thought she was a miserable streak of piss until I watched a documentary on the Beckham World Cup party last summer. She’s actually alright, ok, full of it and all, but not a miserable cow. I think she doesn’t smile because she hates her teeth. She seems like a woman with a lot of body issues.

  5. lookwhaticando

    I hope when they come to America they take some of the attention of Brad and Angelina Jolie, so that that family can have some peace

  6. joan durtz

    She looks like a Cootie (the multicolored insect toy) as usual. And she is always greasy. Could someone take a piece of bread and wipe her forehead, already?!

  7. Shiraz

    What an awful article you wrote there about Victoria. You really don’t know anything about her and you’re having fun dissing her, how pathetic. She is a smiley personality and there is A LOT of pictures of her smiling and laughing. And for videos check VBTV at ;)

  8. electra

    Victoria always looks amazing! You shouldn’t be so harsh on her.

    Watch some of her interviews on YouTube and you’ll see her REAL side.

    Can’t wait to see her new NBC show!

  9. joan durtz

    Hey Shiraz and Electra! Get your noses out of that shallow cootie’s ass! This site is for dissin’ or whatever else anyone has to say that is not too nice. Get a clue or go to

  10. Shiraz

    LOL A whole site for dissing, you don’t have something else to do?

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