Portia de Rossi And Ellen DeGeneres Take A Stroll

March 11th, 2005 // 15 Comments

Apparently after just waking up. Wow. Those are some bags.

[thanks to Katie for the photo]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. mso

    they look good together. I hope they last.

  2. dheemodhee

    this good!
    ellen degeneres is my objeq!!
    she’s cool!

  3. Pat

    I used to think I wanted a Porsche, but now I want a Portia…..She can park in my garage any day…wow I am sooo jealous…lucky gal that Ellen. Come a long way from where the “H” am I…LOL

  4. MsNottee_but_Nice

    I wish much happiness for Ellen and Portia…I can imagine their happiness…I have found my lesbian soul mate (in a lesbian yahoo chat room…never dreamed that would happen!)We’ve been together now for two years and I am truly blessed to have found my love!

    It was meant to be for us, and I pray that wonderful Ellen, (with the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen) whom I truly admire… (Portia you’re a very lucky woman!) and the lovely Portia are happy for a lifetime!

    Congratulations and God bless you both!

    Ms Nottee

  5. shubi happiness

    i love the couple elen and ross but i relly sympathise with the dumped party it absoulutely absurd for the lesbian world

  6. wow

    Speechless.. I’m so jealous with Ellen.. I’m obsessed with Portia..! she’s so HOT..!!

  7. Im happy for both Ellen and portia
    and want to thank Ellen for giving me the courage
    to be myself, I came out of the closet a month ago and have never been happier. Ellen you are so beautiful Portia is so very lucky to have you.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart…

  8. i htink these two lovley ladies look great together, as long as they are happy with eachother that is all that counts.

  9. Bridgette

    I thought years back Ellen stated she was LEAVING HOLLYWOOD FOR GOOD????? Her bank book must of started to shrink so she now has a talk show and it sucks. She is about as entertaining as a fart, another no~talent Hollywood icon making millions because people have no brains that watch them and promote them. They are laughing alllllllll the way to the bank.

  10. miss greatness

    I think ellen & portia make a cute couple they look so happy together,im so happy for them. hey do you think ellen will ask portia to marry her. if you want to read this story go to msn.com in search put ellen degeneres and portia de rossi,you will find it there

  11. Eliza

    They r really cute together! Portia is just so beautiful tho seems like she could get any woman, wonder why she went for Ellen?? O well tho Ellen is hilarious and i guess Id love hanging around her too.
    haha Best of luck to those 2

  12. Aaron Lopez

    This is a response to Bridgette: Ellen is very entertaining. Her style is in a category all her own. She doesn’t need the bling bling or anything, she is simple yet unique. If she is able to make a person laugh without selling herself out, than I think that makes a truly remarkable person!!

  13. I agree with Aaron…

    Bridgette, honey, your a sad lezzie… I feel so sorry for you

    Ellen and Portia rocks! I wish them all the happiness in the world.

  14. PrettyGurl

    Yo, ellen and portia are da bomb! they are definitely cute together! im sooo happy for them! Ellen is way funny cuz i watch all of her shows and it crack me up and i was soo maniac at her show and it was funny! keep watching the Ellen shows, guys! holla!! i love Ellen and Portia and they are great togehter and heard they are having a baby! did ya know??

  15. Leaha Hammond

    I love you Ellen so much you are my everything I care about you so much. When I met words could not describe how I felt and I know that you wont forget meeting me either. I love you so much….

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